True story: At the first writerly event I went to in Atlanta – at the Decatur Writers’ Studio – I met the wonderful Diane Capriola, owner of Little Shop of Stories, a creative keystone for the author and reader scene in Atlanta. She casually offered to host my book party when my as yet unwritten book came out. Well, I reminded her of her offer three years later and she made good on it! Yay! Please join me there to celebrate the birth of my third baby!

“Shout it from the rooftops!! Local writer and mother Kate Rope has written an amazing book, and we’re ready to celebrate this momentous occasion on Saturday, May 5! Join us to congratulate Kate, learn more about the book, enjoy some delicious refreshments, and, of course, get a SIGNED copy for your collection. Please be sure to purchase a copy of the book from us in order to earn a place in the signing line.”

When: May 5, 7pm

Where: Little Shop of Stories, Decatur Square

What: A little chatting, a little reading, a lot of refreshments, and some book signing