Soldiers of Science: The Vietnam War, Anthony Fauci and the Doctors Who Revolutionized American Medicine

Kate co-executive produced and co-wrote this Audible Original with narrator Alan Alda. The audio documentary tells the unknown story of an elite group of young doctors who were drafted during the Vietnam War for a life-saving tour of duty. They served—not on the front lines of the Far East—but in the battle against disease and infection at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. And they went on to become our country’s medical leaders and Nobel Laureates. Among them was a young doctor from Brooklyn, Tony Fauci, whom Kate and Alan had the honor of interviewing many times for the podcast. This moving and riveting story demonstrates what we can achieve when we harness science and medicine for the national good. Listen now.

The Economists' Guide to Parenting

Ever wonder what a completely research-based and rational approach to parenting would look like? For this episode of Freakonomics, Kate took a deep dive into how some of the top economists approach parenting. Much of it made sense, but a few of the unorthodox techniques were downright shocking.