Welcome. I am so glad and grateful you are here. My goal as a writer (and as a person) is to acknowledge and normalize the struggles we all face and provide whatever support and help I can to help others come through their challenges feeling understood and supported.

So often we keep from sharing our struggles out of fear of what others will think, how they will react, or even how we will feel when we say out loud the things we have been thinking inside. Then maybe we open up and discover that someone close to us—or a stranger—knows exactly how we feel, because they have been there too. Or maybe we open up and meet a blank stare, a refusal to acknowledge what we say we are feeling, or worse. As a society, we don’t have a lot of practice talking about—or taking care of—our emotional health.

But I am here to tell you that if you are having a hard time, I KNOW there is another person (if not 3000) who can relate, and the more we share our struggles, the more aware we become of our collective humanity and the easier it is to help each other. So—whoever you are and whatever you are facing—I encourage you to reach out for support and help and to keep asking for it until someone listens to you and helps you find it. Here are some places to start.